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Newington, VA


In 2008, FedEx had more than outgrown its existing facility in Alexandria, VA. Without the expansion space to support its growth, FedEx needed a new distribution location that was large enough to sustain its current volume of packages as well as allow for future growth and expansion.

Finding land in the area – located on the south side of Washington, D.C. – was an extremely difficult task, and moving too far outside of the Alexandria area wasn't an option either. FedEx needed to be located in close proximity to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge as well as to the multitude of businesses in the area that it served. The options were extremely limited.


With its specialized knowledge, understanding of the local real estate market, and willingness to take risks to find the right solutions, Scannell Properties was the ideal partner to help FedEx find land and then build the type of facility it needed to accommodate its current needs and provide room for growth in the future.


Land is sparse in the Alexandria-D.C. area, particularly the plot of land that FedEx needed. The only option was a landfill.

"Many companies would not have pursued a landfill because of all the work required to make it environmentally safe, but Scannell has experience in this area," says Courtney Lehman, Development Manager. "What separates Scannell Properties from other developers is the ability to solve complex problems. The management at Scannell has both the business and engineering prowess to incorporate creative and aggressive solutions as seen in this landfill project."

To ensure FedEx's building would be environmentally-safe and remain a viable piece of property for the long-term, Scannell:

  • Performed all duties to ensure environmental closure of the landfill
  • Identified an aggressive strategy to adhere to Fairfax County's strict requirements for zoning and redevelopment
  • Created a foundation of more than 600 piles, which are long slabs of concrete approximately 12 inches wide, that are driven 60 feet down into the ground
  • Used deep dynamic compaction in the parking lot areas to minimize long-term settlement
  • Incorporated methane mitigation measures inside the building to address decomposition of the landfill over time

While the building was under construction, Scannell continued to provide engineering solutions by constructing temporary roads around the site for better access, less congestion and, ultimately, improved speed of delivery.


Scannell helped FedEx find a cost-effective solution when there appeared to be no options. Scannell was able to deliver a state-of-the-art facility on an environmentally- and geotechnically-challenged location in the already congested Northern Virginia area.

The new facility gave FedEx more space – growing from 55,000 square feet to 115,000 square feet – and, with that, the ability to be more efficient and productive as the company strives to better serve current customers and take on new ones.