Robert Scannell

President, Founder

Robert Scannell

Indianapolis, IN

Robert Scannell is President and Founder of Scannell Properties and its affiliated companies. He founded the company in 1990. Bob oversees all aspects of the company’s client services and build-to-suit developments. Specific responsibilities on new projects include site selection/evaluation, building design, lease negotiation and financing of all projects.

From the inception of Scannell Properties, Bob’s vision for the company was to focus on build to suit leased projects with clients who would have a need for such projects on a repeat basis. These projects could be located anywhere in the US. His goal was to structure the company in such a way that a superior building could be delivered no matter where a particular project was to be located. That vision has resulted in the company now consistently completing new development of more than $1 billion annually. The company has built over 200 projects and has built them in 44 states and Canada to date.

Prior to forming Scannell Properties, Bob was one of the partners of Duke Realty Investments prior to its restructuring as a REIT.